Changing the Xantia spheres. ..

 The Xantia when I purchased it was riding very badly.  I decided the sphers must be flat.


The view under the rear of the car.  On the VSX there is 4 spheres back here.


Yellow circle:  The height corrector, they appear to get quite dirty under here.

Purple circle:  The anti-sink sphere

Green circle:  Rear hydrative sphere.


Look what the b@stards at Citroen have done.  Bloody dimples around the filler plug to try and defeat the regassers (and force you to buy new spheres).

Luckily the regassers here have a cup that seals further out from these dimples :-).


Yellow:  The accumulator bleed screw.

Blue: The accumulator sphere

purple: The front hydractive sphere.


 The rear spheres


Now I couldn't loosen the Hydractive spheres when I tried to remove them.  They were obviously still under pressure.  I found the release the pressure before removing the spheres on a Hydractive car you need to do the following:


Big problem, as I started to turn the anti-sink sphere, it felt 'strange'.  I lit the area up with a 500watt spotlight.  Yep, the hydraulic line screws into the sphere.  DO NOT try to simply unscrew this anti-sink sphere.  As you can see above, it's just contained in a threaded housing, with the hydraulic line that must be removed first.


To remove the sphere I 'chisel' these single piece spheres.  I figure a series of blows is always better than constant pressure from a strap wrench.  I don't chisel rebuildable two piece 'D' spheres :-)


The front suspension spheres were still at full pressure when tested, as was the front hydractive sphere and the anti-sink sphere.  However the rear suspension spheres were low and needed regassing, as was the main accumulator.  The rear hydractive sphere was dead as a maggot, full of fluid and no good.  I replaced this with a spare accumulator sphere I had on the shelf.


The car is now soft as a marshmello, infact waaayyyy to soft in the rear, I've ordered in a new hydractive sphere for back there as the accumulator sphere causes it to nearly drop to the bumpstops when accelerating.

A couple of other points to note:

When putting the spheres back on ensure you fit the seal into the groove on the suspension cylinder THEN screw the sphere on.  If you sit the sphere on the sphere and screw it on it'll blow out within the first ten minutes of use...



I had the spheres off for a weekend while I had them regassed.  The bloody antisink sphere pipe leaked about 1litre of LHM onto the ground in this time (grrr).  You'll need to block this line off so you don't lose your LHM !!!


I've heard people mention many times on the Xantia lists they are going to make there Xantia ride better by fitting CX spheres.  I certainly WOULD NOT recommend this if you have a hydractive Xantia.  Look at the valve design is VERY different.  Look at the size of the center hole !!!

This is the rear hydractive sphere next to the normal accumulator.  I'll see if the cars is different with a new hydactive sphere in place of the accumulator soon.