97 Xantia VSX

New!!  Changing the cambelt.  changing_the_xantias_cambelt.htm

Changing the suspension spheres


 Electrical diagrams Part1
 Electrical diagrams Part 2
 Electrical Diagrams Part 3
 Electrical Diagrams Part 4

This is mums new car.  Hopefully this page wont be updated with any hints or changes for a long time (as in I hope nothing goes wrong with the car!!!).  Must get a decent photo of this car oneday.

If I ever have a Xantia I hope it a Xantia CT turbo.  Although this sounds fast, it's not particualy quick, "CT" stands for Constant Torque.  In other words has an enourmous amount of torque at all engine speeds.  They also have Activa suspension, that has no body roll.  And a real gearbox (ie. manual).