A bit about me.....

I live in Ballarat, it's a large(ish) town right down in the bottom right corner of Australia.  The climate is quite mild, with temperatures around 10degrees in winter, and 25-40(+) Celsius in summer.

This is me, if you ever see someone looking like this jumping out of a Citroen somewhere, don't hesitate to come so hello.  I work with computers localy.

This is my fiance and our puppy dog.  She drives the BX you see on my main page and works as a nurse.

Where do we keep the cars, this is a question I've been asked often...  So I've finally scanned some photo's of where I live.

The main page show's a portion of my parents back yard with some of the cars lined up along it, they actually live on 5 acres of land, cows keep the grass down.

My fiance and I have bought a house, it's on about 1/2 acre.

That's my CX2400 out the front and my ID19 in the shed.

The second part of our back yard, you can see the DS21inj and GS1220 parked there under some trees.  It's the middle of summer so the grass is very dead.

The first part of our backyard.  You can see the roof off the ID leaning against the shed.


As you can see, we don't have a problem storing cars, there's lots of space...