A cheap jigsaw will be handy.  It's good for cutting new templates with (eg New door trims for the 'D' doors).  Try to get a variable speed  jigsaw.  This ones an Arlec jigsaw, it was incredibly cheap & seems to work ok (not the it's had a huge amount of use).  It's also good for cutting speaker holes.
pic of bench grinder.
Finaly a compressor.  I bought this years ago, I thought I'd buy a really good quality compressor that'd last for years.  I was going to buy a small 12cubic foot model, however your already spending heaps, so for only a couple of hundred extra I got the biggest single phase model, a 16cubic foot Australian made Clybsy.  It's brilliant and has been worth every cent.
Sander/polisher.  These are expensive, I looked for one for several years 2nd hand (but never did find one).  I finaly bought one last year to find they are now sold as cheap chinesse brands for 1/3rd of the price (obviously not as good, but plenty good enough for a hobbiest). 
Bench grinders are handy, see if you can get a wire wheel for it, they are great for cleaning rusty bolts, bolt threads etc...
Wire brushes, sanding disks and grinding/cutting disks to suit the thread pitch of your grinder are great accessories.
Small grinders are great, careful though every brand uses a different thread pitch, I think there's 3types of thread pitchs on these small angle grinders.  I have my fathers old Makita I borrowed years ago I sorta kept it, and a Ryobi.  The Ryobi is absolute crap, I destroyed the 1st one in the first hour of use.  You see they use plastic gears in the head of the grinder, and Ryobi are b@st@rds to get warranty work out of as they don't seem to stock parts in the country.  They ended up  replacing it.  The replacment is already noisy in the plastic gears & it's done no work :-(  Like I said, crap ...  Find a decent makita with metal gears in it's head.
A drill will be very handy, for spinning sanding disks, (and drilling holes obviously), spinning pop rivets endlessly in there holes etc...  I also found a great little paint stripper to use in it.  The drill Bosch drill sharpener seems to work ok too.