This is a clutch aligning set.  Why bother with one of these???  Well I'd been fighting with the GS clutch for hours, and couldn't get it to mate to the gearbox.  In sheer desperation I purchased this.  The worste bit???  It doesn't have fitting small enough for the GS.  What a waste of time & money.  Oh well, it's sure to come in handy in the future....
Finaly it's taken me about 15years of wanting one of these to buy one.  It's a 2tonne folding engine crane with an engine stand attachment.  Brilliant, much, much, much easier than using the block & tackle above.  Why no photo of it???  Well since I've bought it I've rarely had it, people are always borrowing it.  It's in Bendigo at the moment.
This is my grandfathers block 'n' tackle.  It's huge and incredibly heavy.  I borrowed this when I was about 13years old to put a motor in a Renault 4.  I've probably used it once a year since then.  Last time I used it I swore 'never again' and finaly bought an engine crane.  This thing probably weighs 40kg's in itself.  I've bent many shed roof rafters with it :-)
Pic of homemade strap wrench.
pic of old dawn vice.
Ang bought this for last Christmas, it's a  nibbler.  It's a little rippa, made it the UK.  It's great for cutting out metal patches and rusty metal from guards etc...  Can be used in electric & air drills.
If you're like me, you probably don't have an oxy set cause you don't want to pay $200 a year just to have the bottles in your shed (rental).  Instead for a lot of small jobs I got this little butane torch, it works quite well.  The little disposable bottles are quite cheap (I still haven't used even one yet).  Naturally if you use it a lot, or live somewhere like the UK, it's worth getting the real thing ...   It's great for freeing up siezed/broken studs, especialy when they go through aluminium (eg broken thermastat housing bolts on a CX)
A bench vice for holding stuff, a cheap chinese vice will get you by, but better is to find a decent big old Dawn vice or the like at a 2nd hand junk market.
A strap wrench, these are simple to make out of old seatbelt strapping.
A variety of filter spanners.  I find the small one with contracting blades as shown below is the best (it gets into tight spaces and get a very good hold of the filter).  The other type I find reasonable is the chain wrench shown.  They both use socket ratchets.
Air chisel, this is very handy (for household chores as well as cars).  It'll knock the head off of rusty bolts with ease.  (Once again it's a very cheap chisel, it doesn't get a lot of use, so spending big bucks here is wasted when you can spend it somewhere else).
Impact wrenches are very handy, I have a cheap chinese set, however the impact wrench isn't great (though very usable).  Make sure you get a 'set' as apposed to just an impact wrench.  The sockets they come with have a very thick wall, you will probably fracture normal thin walled sockets with an impact wrench.