For years I wanted a dwell tach and timing light.  Now I''ve bought a cheap set, I really don't use 'em that much.  Factory specs for timing don't mean much due to our crappy fuel.  Once the cars running right, you can then use the timing light to find where the best spot is to have the timing for next time (rather than the factory specs).
I've had several 4amp chargers over the last few years, they are plenty good enough.  It's better to  trickle charge batteries anyway.  I bought an 8amp charger as it was a really good special at the time.  I have found the 4amsp charger tend to 'vanish'.  Ie: I lend 'em to people then forget who the hell has them and have to buy another :-(
Basic electrical tools.  An analogue multi-meter is much better than a digital, you can see the needle fluctuate on an analogue meter, but with a digital you don't know what's going on as it just never settles to a stable reading.  1big & 1small soldering iron will be handy.  I've bought several of these boxs of crimp on terminals shown.  They have many different types of terminals in them.  They are a waste though, you usualy only use two types of terminals and the rest are wasted.  It's much better to buy the exact terminals you need in large quantities rather than one of these sets.