This is an Arnold HVLP gun.  It comes with two different size jets, one for two pack/enamel and one for acrylic.  This gun is fantastic, streets ahead of the old pressure pot gun.  The finish directly from the gun it great.  It however is about double the cost of the Star 770 (though by no means expensive compared to high quality guns).
.This is a cheap 2pack gun.  It wasn't a success, crap from the day I bought it giving very poor results.  I'll never paint 2pack anyway (only tried the once).  It's just to toxic.
This is the first spray gun I bought.  It's a Star 770.  For what it is (ie: very cheap) the finish out of it is very good.  I painted about 5cars with this gun.  Lately the finish it gave started to diminish so I replaced it with the HVLP gun below.
.Putty gun, this is a very cheap putty gun.  I've painted several cars with it and are happy enough with it's finish (you gotta sand the finish flat anyway).  Most importantly it mustn't cause the spray putty to go on with millions of little pin holes in it.  This one doesn't do that :-).
.Putty knifes, found at your local $2.00 shop, but good enough for what we use 'em for.  (Shown above)
Speed file, these are quite good, don't buy the cheap chinesse ones, they bend at the ends and are never straight for long.  You'll have a very hard time trying to level a dent with a bent sander.  These files use sheets of sandpaper that get clamped in them.  I've got a couple, they are US made and seem quite good (the first one I've had for about 6years, lost it, bought another then found the orignal ..... ).
.I've got a couple of really cheap set of panel hammers & dollys.  Really I have no idea how to use 'em or work metal.  I just try to get all areas of dent JUST low then use a smear of plastic filler.  Maybe I should do a bodywork class someday & findout how to use them?