What's New???

December 2009  (can't rush updates can we  !!).

Cooling the CX ...  How to actually have a nice cool CX to travel in.

March 2006

Painting the CX

October 2005

CX 2500 GTi Turbo clutch change

June 2005

 Fixing the CX drivers mirror


Building a Sphere Tester

September 2004

Rebuilding the CX front suspension

Fixing the oil pressure guage

August 2004

A most important arrival …


July 2004

Added BX and CX maintenance history

BX costs & history

CX costs & history 

June '04

Fixing the CX oil pressure gauge

Ramps-- Getting under these hydraulic Citroens


April '04

Start Ya B@stard, Why wont the CX run ???

PLEASE NOTE:  NEW EMAIL ADDRESS.  I receiving such an incredible amount of spam to the exisiting email address I'm without doubt deleting/missing most emails sent to my email address, the new address is deesse 'at' ncable.net.au where 'at' = @

.Changing the Xanita Cambelt

Chaning the Xantia VSX spheres

January '04

Finally I've got around to updating the homepage !!

.CX Rear arms bearings ....  Again !!

The BX handbrake


August '03

2CV Progress ...

July '03

A newie added to the collection.  A DS23 fuel injected 5spd pallas with factory air conditioning !

DS Bodywork.  I've finally updated the webpage with a little work that I did over last summer.

I've started work on the 2cv

Junes '03

DS interior...  I've started on the rear seats

I've added a message board, feel free to say hello !!

CX C-matic bodywork

Posted some pictures of the CX engine bay for members of the CX-L yahoogroups

May 2003.  Well I've got a new toy ....

Fault Finding a Citroen CX2400 C-Matic gearbox.

Long Awaited update!!!  April '03

Photo's of Cit-In in Maleny QLD over easter




October 2002

CX Turbo pages updated

September 2002

I've decided to sell the CX :-(

July 2002

The DS21's interior

DS21's boot rust

Interesting 'features' of the DS21

April 2002

   Retrimming the ID19

March 2002

I've just been Married !  Photo's of the wedding car.


January 2002