While I had it apart for painting I removed the engine, and replaced the cam seals, oil return seals, cam belts, and gave it a good tune up, the car goes extremely well and I'm using it as my daily car while the CX2400 is off the road, only problem being is it's a real $#*#(#& of a car when it's cold, I've tried all sorts of ways to solve this, but I've conceded defeat and just HAVE to let it warm for a few minutes before trying to drive it.
I bought this little GS for next to nothing as it was rust free, it looked very crappy when I got it, but I gave it a quick paint, and it looks quite good.  All I needed to finish the paint job was a good bonnet, the one on it being rippled, luckily I just painted the rippled one for the time being, as the hinge at the front of the bonnet had been cross threaded by a previous owner and went over the roof last weekend when I was doing 90 km/h.  Luckily the only damage down was to the already damaged bonnet.