The motor and gearbox will be used out of this wagon.  The car is an original 1 owner car with 140,000km on the clock since new.  My mums  Uncle bought it new at the factory in France, we intended to restore it but it's to far gone.  It's a  74 model DS2300 5spd 7seater wagon.
Don't see anything being done with this car for a long time, it owes dad nothing to have sitting in the shed, and he wont sell it.
The Dspecial was the family car for about 5years, Dad painted it and cleaned it up about 15years ago.  It still looks OK, but needs retrimming.  Dad stopped driving it about 8years ago when the head gasket blew.  I removed the head only one of the head bolts was very corroded, and it sheared off in the head, when it was drilled out it was off center, so it still sits there with no head.  We intend to replace the the entire motor and 5spd out of the wagon(wreck) we have.
The only Decent photo I could find of the car is this one taken about 15years ago when Dad first bought it.  The familys first Citroen, and the start of Citroen 'disease'.