All to be done now is straighten the number plate on the trailer before it's return.  Hope they don't notice I've bent another number plate and keep my deposit.......  The number plate touches the ground when the trailers nose goes up into the air.
Now all that needs to be done is secure the car, as I accelerated to 60km/h I saw the 'D's bonnet starting to float up against it's safety catch in the wind, a rapid stop to clip both sides of it down and we were away again, Check **every** door and the bonnet to ensure there secure before you head off.  This car happens to have an unmarked bonnet, so I would have been ****extremely**** angry with myself if it had gone over the 'D's roof.
The car safely to it's destination(my parents house), you can see my other CX in the background, and my sisters Renault 12 behind the tree.  You'll need to use the same trick to get the car back off the trailer.
As you can see the trailer is almost back on the tow ball as the car nears the winch at the front of the trailer.
As the car rolls further onto the trailer, the trailer will slowly lower itself back onto the tow ball.
This is all the car and trailer will do, hope you chocked the trailer well, you don't want it rolling into the tow car.
Carefully watch the winch as you wind the car up to make sure the cable doesn't bunch up and winds on properly.  The only part of the car I've ever had touch is the exhaust clamp on the exhaust, if it does catch the back lip of the trailer just gently pry the clamp up and over the edge, or stand on the back of the trailer(lifting the front more, and lowering the back).
As you winch the car onto the trailer, the front of the trailer will lift all the way up into the air, so you may have to climb up to it to turn the winch
Chock all four wheels of the trailer well, so it won't roll forward or backwards, hook the trailers winch to the front suspension arm of the car.  Make sure you protect the cars under tray with a small piece of wood or similar.  Pull the car onto the first rungs of the ramps and unhook the trailer from the car.  .
Fortunately it can be done easily single handedly, as I did in the photo above.  Try and line the trailer up exactly in line with the car, I was to lazy to this time as you can see below, it made loading the car much harder.
As anyone knows that's tried to move a Citroen that doesn't go, there is no way to get them on to a trailer, there isn't enough ground clearance to get your shoe under the car let alone getting them on the trailer as you can see below.