Cooling the Citroen CX

As anyone that owns one of these cars knows, on a warm day...  Not even "Hot", just moderately warm...  They are the most uncomfortably hot car you could imagine.

We have a number of issues to overcome.  I know of no-one that has overcome all the issues with great success.  My CX is now nice and cool on a warm day, however the front demister fan is still pathetic compared to a modern car (eg: Xantia/XM).  It is however very good for a CX.

1)  Massive heat soak into the firewall and front floors  (see this link for preventing heat issues, 5, 6).
2)  Pathetically sealed up bher heater unit.
3)  Pathetic air flow front the front vents.
4)  Deteriated foam in the heater unit, allowing heater hot air out of the heater element.

5)  Air-con that simply cannot overcome the heat soak and leaks into the car
6)  Heater box that is exposed to tremendous heat soak under the bonnet (eg:  Hold a thermometre infront of the inlet tower with the radiator fans running and you will find 85+degree celcius air temperatures.
7)  Poor quality of ventilation fan wiring (yes really, would you believe the quality of the electrical system in poor LOL).
8)  "Always Hot" heat exchanger in the car.  You can bypass the heater under the bonnet, by putting a simple heater tap into the heater hoses.  I haven't bother as I have found it hasn't made a difference on CX's in the past.  However I still may do it when I get a chance.  Why have a heater core at 90degrees Celcius++ in the heater box for no reason !!).
9) The heat shields

Fitting Air Conditioning.

To be continued :-)

This webpage has been created using the threads and posts from the internet forum where I posted the problems/questions I had about what I was trying to acheive (particually air-conditioning.  Aussiefrogs member "robmac" has helped me enormously).