However, one other very interesting change to the car is the installation of a special air-conditioning unit developed for Citroen Au-stralia by Sydney’s All Car Air Conditioning.
The unit features a dual condenser system. In the front is a completely conventional air-conditioning system as we all understand it. Then, in the boot of the car is a second con-denser to supply additional cooling for the rear outlets. A single compressor is used and the coolant pumped back to the rear con-denser through a complex under-floor pipe system. The move almost doubles the cooling capacity of the unit which originally was found inadequate for Australian conditions because of the large areas of steeply raked glass on the car.
The air-conditioning (ventilation) in the CX is quite interesting. It has eleven front outlets (three demister, two eyeball, two centre con-sole, two front footwell and two rear) and four rear outlets mounted in the back parcel shelf and operating via the boot-mounted con-denser. The outlets are designed in such a manner that the air, whether warm or cold, circulates the car and exhausts through a series of vents under the leading edge of the rear seat. It’s ingenious and works very well.

The CX 2400 PaIIas is available only in two forms in Australia. Everything is standard —C-matic auto, power steering, AM/FM radio cassette, tinted glass, electric front windows, electric door mirror and of course Michelin tyres. The price? $22,220. The only available option is genuine leather upholstery and that will set the buyer back a cool grand. That’s right, an additional one thousand dollars!

The standard finish to the interior is a synthetic jersey wool type fabric. It’s very comfortable and appears to handle our climatic condi-tions very well, allowing the body and seat to breathe in hot conditions for good passenger comfort.

The seats are soft and enveloping in the traditional French style and provide remarkably good support all round. For a standard seat they are very well shaped. Rear seat pas-sengers also get individual bucket-style seating separated by a pull-down armrest. The rear seat will carry three passengers, although the centre passenger doesn’t get the same amount of comfort. The car is ideally suited as a four-seater only.

The interior is lined with deep pile carpet throughout and sound deadening is excellent. The only disappointing aspect of the interior is the plastic looking door trims which detract from the overall finish, and on rough roads do tend to rattle. Front seat passengers gain a handy carry pouch in the front door linings in the area devoted in the rear doors to the manual window winder.

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