Wayne Can tell test drives the latest Citroen CX 2400 Pallas —a car which now incorporates several specification changes purely for the Australian market!

CX 2400 ...vie agréable!

AFTER suffering for years as a result of inadequate distribution and service, Citroen is again on the move in Australia.
Sydney’s Bryson Industries, and Maxim Motors in Queensland, are now beginning to move these fine French cars after a major re-think and re-organisation of distribution, sales and servicing facilities.  Included in the re-organisation was the es-tablishment of a mechanics training school by Brysons, and the installation of advanced electronic service facilities in their main Syd-noy service complex.  Add to this the upgrading of the car’s specifications for Australia and you have on your hands a competitive, if exclusive, luxury package.

Many people are frightened of Citroen for two valid, but very different reasons. First of all there is the design. It is advanced, aerodynamic and unusual. And like anything which is not an accepted convention, people will either like it or dislike it . . . intensely.

The second thing that makes people uncertain of the marque is its complexity of design and the difficulty that creates, in attaining adequate service. This latter point is the one which the new distributors have taken very seriously, hence the training school and the new electronic maintenance equipment. Even so, the marketfortheCitroen CX is limited and the distributors admit that. Theirs is an exclu-sive clientele, but one which they would still like to increase. The new car is not a lot different to its pre-decessor, the CX 2000.

The engine capacity has been increased by increasing the bore size by 3.5mm to 93.5mm. The stroke has remained the same at 85.5mm. The increased bore size resulted in an addi-tional 172cc of capacity to take the engine to 2347cc.  The extra capacity has also uprated the en-gine’s power output slightly from 82kW to 85.75kW at 5500rpm.  Although Only a slight increase (4.5 per-cent), it does show up in the car’s uphill per-formance particularly in the C-matic (auto) version.

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