79 CX2400 Pallas C-matic

         5spd CONVERSION!!



 Here it is, looking pretty sad after sitting out in the weather for several months, a good wash and the car looks quite good, I will need to re-paint it some time in the future.  I painted this car about 5 years ago, it looked fantastic but within about 6 weeks of painting it I could find 15 different small dents and marks in the paint from where people had knocked it in car parks, I was so angry about this I didn't really wash the car for about a year.  The first job we did on this car was to convert it from c-matic to 4spd, I have done over 100,000 kms in it since then, and she's yet to break down on me. The synchros in the gearbox have recently died so I'm waiting on parts from England so I can convert it to 5spd, the cars actually still in nice condition, with excellent leather interior, fairly straight and rust free exterior.

Although Reliable in the time I've owned the car I've done a lot of work on it, replaced all the ball joints, steering knuckles, rear arm bearings, etc.  but on the bright side there's several hundred thousand km's left in her yet.(I bought the car with a re-conditioned motor from my dad).  Wish those parts would come, I'd like to get this car cleaned up so I can start using it daily again.  It's rego's due and I don't wont to pay it's registration if I can't drive it.

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