Changing the front Brake Pads

Changing the front brake pads is a simple task really, however I've been rang and emailed about this task several times.  Usually the question is HOW DO I GET THE PISTONS BACK IN THE CALIPERS??? !!!:-).  If you have this question, read on....


First thing to do is jack the car up, put it on axle stands and remove the front wheels.

1.  Pull the small clip from the shiny top plate show above and slide the plate out.  Take note of how the anti-rattle springs lock into the pads.  They'll fall off, and probably stay tangled in the low wear warning light wires.

2.  Now the fun bit, pushing the cylinders back in.  They won't push in, no matter how hard you press will they ;-)  They must be SCREWED back into the caliper.  What your doing is winding the handbrake mechanism back down.


Note the notches cut into the piston.  A flat blade screwdriver will allow you to turn this.  However after 3minutes your hands will be aching, and you'll be swearing at the top of your voice as your not getting anywhere ...  I quickly ground a screwdriver down to fit the slot:



Grinding this tool down helped a lot, but it still takes an excruciatingly long time to wind the callipers in.  It's not difficult, but the mongrel bloody things have the finest thread known to man.  It'll probably take a good 20minutes to wind each piston back in.  Trust me, you'll be plenty frustrated at this stupid design before you have wound the piston back in.

As you can see I only JUST changed the brake pads in time.  The pad is a fraction of a mm from the metal backing.  If the car had been used for another day it would have destroyed the disk rotors :-(  Yep, I certainly got my moneys worth out of the last set of brake pads!!



The anti rattle springs should lock in tightly like this, the pads should be locked in tightly as well.  If the metal wedge isn't slid in properly at the top, the brake pads will fall out !!  Make sure it wedging the pads in place correctly !!


Now just plug the brake pad wires in & your all done :-)