This particlar car is an Australian spec. car so has the following features:
Here is the latest addition to the fleet.  This is my girlfriends car, I found it at a local car yard where it sat for a few years.  It's a good car, but a bit boring for a Citroen.
It needs a few things done to it:
The central locking on the boot doesn't work (probably just the wiring broken where it flexes when the hatch opens).
Rear right door is very slow with the central locking, and doesn't always lock
The cambelt will have to be changed
Sunroof leaks, and doesn't work reliably
Rear windscreen wiper doesn't work. (probably wiring as well)
I've finally updated this web page !!!!  NEW  Changing BX front Brake Pads

                                                        The handbrake !!