2cv.   More progress ...

Finaly I've made some progress on the 2cv....  I've been sidetracked a little, first my father bought the DS23, and then I bought an old trailer on ebay that had only been half assembled (that I had to finish)..

The new scuttle flap on the 2cv was already going rusty, it had a nice coating of surface rust!  The bloody cars never been in the rain, it's parked in a shed for the last 5years!!!  I've pulled it off and filled it's drain holes with POR15 then let it drip dry for a few days.  Hopefully that'll keep the rust at bay, it certainly got POR15 spilt everywhere though my shed, over my hands, on the newly painted flap etc....  Anyone that's used POR15 knows that once you spill it, it doesn't wash off.

The windows are easy to fit back in, years ago when I had a new windscreen fitted to the CX.  They fitted it in about 5minutes using a peice of rope.  Without using rope, it'd be near impossible, and take forever!!


You feed the rope into the seal, put the window in place then as you pull the rope through, the seal pulls across.

After a very quick polish, I've started re-assembling the 2cv after giving it's panels a really quick coat of paint:



The headlights and indicators will need new wiring harnesses made up for them.



Everytime I move the bloody car out of the shed it rains !!  Now I've got the door trims wet <grrrr>.


This 2cv is no different to most other 2cvs I've seen.  The meaning it looks rippled if you get it's panels in the light ...  I'm guessing the first time someone slams one of the doors, they ripple.  There is stuff all metal in these cars, I hope like hell no-one has an accident in the car ! I've tried to show the ripples in the photo's below.  Photo's hide a lot though, and you can't really see them.