'84 2cv   UPDATED!


Well finaly, it's only been about 6years ;-)  But we've decided to get the 2cv on the road.  It started up easily enough so I drove it from my parents place to my house.  I started rubbing back the panels and immediatly rubbed through to the undercoat in about 3 places (doh!!).  So I'll quickly kick the windws out and give it several good coats of paint.


I found a 'dot' (not bubble) under the lower windscreen rubber, so I grabbed a pointy a screwdriver and scratched the 'dot' back to bare metal.  However it was filler ...(Double Doh!!!).  I started picking the filler out and found it was quite extensive.  I ended up kicking out the windscreen and hitting it with the wire brush in the angle grinder.



I welded up most of the lower edge.  2cv's are incredibly hard to weld up :-(  The metal is just so thin !!!!  The photo below shows what the entire lower windscreen edge was like.  The photo above shows how bloody difficult this was to weld a new piece of metal into.  The reason it looks so bad is as you weld, the metal your trying to join dissappears, so you fill that, the edge then dissapears again ...etc...  You certainly get very frustrated grrrrr.


The holes I filled here with the MIG.  However the middle section of the windscreen I cut & shaped a piece of metal in.

After filling the holes with metal and welding in some patches.





This is what happens when you try to weld these bloody 2cv's.  The metal is just SO THIN!!!


This is what happens when you attempt to weld this bloody car.  As you weld the metal dissapears, so you end up filling the holes as you go.  So you end up with this messy looking crap.


Almost done !!  Just  a little more work with the angle grinder to level the welds then a smear of plastic filler to level it and it's finished...  It's completely pointless filling over rust/holes, so I had no choice but to weld patches here and fill the rust holes with the MIG.  Plastic filler would have fallen out again in no time :-(.


Finally !!! All done !!!  This was so much work.




A little plastic filler to level the area and were finaly all done.